US Investment Immigration Services (USIIS) is co-sponsored by the successful business people under U.S. EB-5 program and top professionals from overseas immigrant investor program service providers. As one of the non-profit social organizations, USIIS consists of Chinese entrepreneurs from around the world, law firms domestically and aboard, the USCIS-designated regional centers, the developers from U.S., and the real estate developers aboard with their willingness. The association will function as a platform that shall facilitate to communicate and contact among the entities and individuals from China and U.S. as well as any other countries, and boost the bilateral exchange in terms of economy, trading and culture between U.S. and China. At the same time, it shall assist the Chinese entrepreneurs to successfully immigrate to U.S. and place their children to receive the sound education overseas for their better development in the future as well as make a reasonable arrangement for the overseas real estate purchase and asset management.

美国投资移民服务USIIS (US Investment Immigration Services )是由美国投资移民成功人士及海外投资移民服务行业的专业人士发起,由来自世界各地的华裔企业家、海内外律师楼、美国区域中心、美国项目方、美国开发商和海外房产开发商自愿结成的非营利性社会团体组织。中心将为中国和美国以及其他海外的企业及个人提供相互交流合作的平台,促进美国和中国之间的经济贸易文化交流;同时协助移民客户海外安排好子女的教育发展和全球的海外置业投资和资产管理。